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James Rogers (
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 18:07:28 -0600

At 06:38 PM 12/27/99 -0500, Mark S. wrote:
 that I wrote:
>Hemingway couldn't cheapen his skills as effectively as Hammett,
>Chandler and Cain.
>I wasn't aware that the skills of the first two or at least early Cain
>were cheap. They hold up better than Hemingway for me.

    I am a huge fanatic on all three of those authors. I often prefer them to Hemingway. But Hemingway is a difference not only in skill, but also in aim of achievement. I am really not a big Hemingway nut. But I have to admit that the guy changed the way American stuff is written. And, if we buy that "attitude plus colloquial" business then I think we have to also say that he is seminal hardboiled.


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