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>Other SF/fantasy more in the hardboiled vein include: Glen Cook's series about
>PI named Garrett in a world of magic, starting with SWEET SILVER BLUES; similar
>but better is Michael Reeves' DARKWORLD DETECTIVE; for a straight SF
>of the mean streets gone meaner, the Carlucci novels by Richard Paul Russo, the
>first of which is DESTROYING ANGEL; and William Gibson's famous NEUROMANCER,
>book that coined the term cyberspace, owes more than a passing nod to Chandler.

Another SF crime story series worth noting would be those collected in Larry Niven's THE LONG ARM OF GIL HAMILTON. Concerning the exploits of an ex-rocket jockey who also just happens to have developed telekinetic powers
(which survive an arm-transplant). Despite how fantastical this brief description sounds, the stories strive for solidly grounded (yet futuristic) speculative realism that can be quite gritty and violent at times.

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