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>I go more for the Elmore Leonard thing in
> which explanations and discriptions are mixed into the plot and dialogue.
> Maybe somebody can suggest another writer with a like style.

I'm glad you mentioned that, since I've been thinking a lot about Leonard and how he changed hardboiled writing. After all the clones cleared out, there are some great people who "get" what he's doing and are making a run with it in a different way. "Death and Life of Bobby Z" by Don Winslow (and his new "California Fire and Life") both are excellent examples of this. And most James Ellroy since "L.A. Confidential". John Ridley's pretty slick. The British writer Nicholas Blincoe. Of course, the late great George V. Higgins.

I've seen a few stories come through Plots With Guns that caught me with a different type of writing, so we published them. No novels from them yet, but Darren Subarton and Kevin James Miller's stories strike me as being told in unique ways.

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