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On series exhaustion:

Ian Rankin's Rebus is 11 books going now, and he's mostly on the edge of unravelling. Good work. I'm always interested to see if he will or not.

And John Harvey did ten Resnick books and that was all--so he says. A good cycle that ended perfectly. Sometimes the thing is being brave enough to end it, especailly when the commodity is hot.

The rumors concerning Pelecanos's Nick Stefanos in the upcoming book?

And I have to say that the new Stark books do seem, to me, to be more interesting than the old. Nothing is so cut and dry anymore. Stark could off Parker at any time now. Parker could make big mistakes.

A series character should grow and change, but should mercifully be put to rest when it's just an excuse for another spinning of the wheels. Which usually happens about the time the hero sobers up and falls in love....cynical, yeah, but I wish there were a way to get around that
"comfort zone" and push ahead. One of these detectives needs to get divorced. Needs that little corner of heaven he's created for himself to be not enough anymore.

If only...if only...if only.

Neil Smith

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