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<<Writers grow older, want to settle down. If they've identified with their characters, those characters will start to grow older and settle down, too. It's natural. But it's one reason many readers prefer non-series characters.>>

I've recently been discussing some of this "series exhaustion" and "older characters settling down with their characters" with a well known veteran writer
(not a mystery writer), who said something worth repeating:

"When you're young it's easy, even normal to be crazy, and you have no technique to speak of, so you just write. The hard thing is to stay crazy as you grow old, to put the technique and the memories in the back seat and let the shit rip, without the fears that constantly haunt us geezers. The thing is to convince yourself each day in front of the fucking computer that mommy ain't coming."

I think this colorful description is right on target.

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