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Bob Toomey (
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 03:15:15 -0500

> I can't stand voice-over in films

What do you think of the voice-over, written by Chandler, in "Double Indemnity?" How about Wilder's V.O. in "Sunset Boulevard" or Kubrick's in "A Clockwork Orange?" I've heard this from others, but why shouldn't a movie contain a voice-over? Do you feel it somehow violates the cinematic quality of the work? Isn't that what folks said when sound came in? Spoken dialogue would ruin pictures. What about music that doesn't come from a specific source within the film? Do you have a problem with that?

My own feeling is that a good voice-over, properly integrated into the movie, and saying things that wouldn't be possible to convey through dialogue and visuals, can be a real enhancement.

Now title cards -- that's another story...


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