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At 04:53 PM 12/22/99 -0600, Bill Crider wrote:
>You can't go wrong with the early Destroyer books, which I think are
>genuinely funny. The Lone Wolf series by Mike Barry (Barry M. Mazlberg) is
>interesting if you like the idea of what might really happen to a guy who
>was dedicated to killing everyone in the Mafia. The main character's
>mental deterioration as the series progresses is unique in the genre, I
>Bill Crider

    The Destroyer books _are_ funny.
    For Malzberg in a really vicious mode, all pulp and sf fans must read
_Herovit's World_, where a pulp hack (Herovit) slowly descends into alcoholism and madness, his personalitly first being replaced by his pen-name and finally by his series hero....both of whom turn out to be just as alcoholic and ineffectual as he is.



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