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> ... In most Spanish speaking places, it would not make sense for
> downtown. The thing is, downtown is a case of a word composed of 2 other
> words which, when so combined, do NOT add up in their meanings.

Same in UK. You might, however, say "down town"; which just means going to the town centre where the shops and offices are.

> A non-literal translation might go something like "la parte comercial"
> "the commercial section".

It's along time since I was in Spain. Towns and cities seemed much like the UK in layout. I've just had an idea! Seville, Toledo, Barcelona and other cities have expanded a great deal in recent years; would you not describe the old medieval hearts of these cities (especially if they had city walls) as the Old City? That would be roughly analogous to the American downtown.

> But, downtown areas in U.S. do have residential "subareas", don't they?

Downtowns predate city planning, ordinances and zoning; thay would be mixed commercial and residential.


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