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I'm not able to a full tilt reference librarian search at the moment - but I think he was active in St. Augustine during the Civil Rights movement. I found a reference in Andrew Young's book Easy Burden:

"when we reached the point almost a block away from the slave market, Hoss Manucy and his gang, the Ancient City Gun Club were waiting for us.
. ."

and another brief reference:

Since I've managed to emerge briefly - I've updated the 2000 hot lists on Overbooked - (Hey, Terrill - new Stephen Hunter this spring!).

Cordially, Ann~Overbooked

> In a Willeford essay on John D. Macdonald that I was reading over
> today, W. writes, about a hat Robert Mitchum wore in Cape Fear,
> "tilted back, pushed forward, and fiddled with, the hat made Mitchum
> mean enough to join up with Hoss Manucy the moment his clean sheets
> came back from the laundry."

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