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Thanks, Bob,

That was quick and informative. I was glad to know about the other books these friends had written.

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> "Does Anyone out there have any biographical information on Wade Miller?"
> "Wade Miller" is the joint pseudonym of two close friends in San Diego who
> wrote mysteries in the post-war era. Their real names were Robert Wade and
> William Miller. As "Wade Miller" they are best-known for the Max Thursday
> series of PI novels, widely regarded as one of the best post-war PI series.
> They also wrote as "Dale Wilmer," and, at least once, as "Bob Wade and Bill
> Miller." The best-known pseudonym aside from "Wade Miller" is "Whit
> Masterson," under which they wrote *Badge of Evil*, which became the film
> *Touch of Evil*. After Miller died in the early '60s, Wade carried on
> alone under the Masterson pseudonym. The "Masterson" persona is most
> asscoiated with police novels. *A Hammer in His Hand* was one of the very
> first procedurals to feature a policewoman as the protagonist on the trail
> of a serial killer, predating *The Silence of the Laambs* over twenty
> years. On his own, using the "Masterson" name, Wade wrote *711 - Officer
> Needs Help* which became the David Jansen film *Warning Shot*, and a really
> fine, underrated cop novel called *Play Like You're Dead*, which prefigures
> the problem of child abduction by non-custodial parents.
> I met Wade once at a San Diego Bouchercon. He was receiving the Life
> Achievement Award from the Private Eye Writers of America. In addition to
> the occasional novel, he was writing a mystery review column for one of the
> local San Diego papers.
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