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Tue, 21 Dec 1999 19:36:34 -0000

Can I just send my congrats also, RA is an excellent list, challenging, frustrating<at times>,intelligent,some times goes on a bit, but usually something pops up just when you start to despair, and full of very polite, knowlegable members. I may have missed it but hows the Millennium<euurgh, how that word sets my teeth on edge> HB list(s) going? Or are we all going to do our own version of the M.Bug and send them all on Jan1 and send the whole shooting match crashing in flames? I vote for this option just to annoy Mr G****s. Anyway, as this is probably the last time I'll have a minute from now till then to even look at the computer, can I make a suggestion? After Christmas lets all send in a list of the HB books we got for Christmas<would your loved ones dare give you any other type>and drool/snicker over the gifts other members have received<I bet Bill gets some doozies.>I'll be having a gimlet or three myself so I can't see any sense being written by me till about Jan 30.
 Or even, what you have asked Santa to bring you(and you better get it or that turkey won't no way be going in that oven) Myself I've dropped large hints for Messrs Lansdale and Pelecanos, oh and some books too(hurr hurr) So everyone have a tough, down and dirty,HB holiday and "let's all meet up in the year 2000..." Ho Ho Ho, suckers. And to all GB RAs two words, Hamiltons, schadenfreude, HAHAHAHA!(sorry off topic couldn't resist) Jane

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