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On Mon, 20 Dec 1999 at14:37 Martha Pennigar sent: Whoa there, fellas

>Just exactly why do you, Kevin and Fred,
>think The Two Jakes is either better than Chinatown in some ways or one
>of the most underrated PI films ever? It's been 9 years since I saw it,
>but I remember 2J as being pretty much a mess with one of the most
>ludicrous and unbelievable plot twists (the daughter) I've ever been
>handed to swallow. I also remember lots of half-baked scenes between the
>2Js that seemed important but failed to jell in any way as to their
>relevance or meaning, thus leaving this viewer entirely irritated and
>clueless. I do also recall that Jack and Harvey Keitel gave valiant
>performances and that the sets and photography were gorgeous. And I'm
>aware of the problems before and during the filming and how they might
>have impacted on the finished product. But--2J as being in any way
>better than Ctown or a good sequel? Oh, no, I don't think so.

Yeah, the above nicely summarizes my recollections and reactions to the, shall we say, frustrating and disappointing THE TWO JAKES. Thought Martha's comments were particularly on-target when she pointed up the wonderful
<look> of the film, that some obvious care had been taken with getting it right. Ah well, it <should> have been so much better.

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