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>I don't have CARTOON LAFFS, but I do have all those books that were
>listed in the back of it. I've even read some of them.

I continue to stand in awe of you, Bill. You must have a pretty fabulous collection of books. Of course, CARTOON LAFFS is interesting for the feel it gives one of the pop-cultural look and feel of the time (early-mid-50s). This is particularly brought home when you compare the `toons published in CARTOON LAFFS by Charles Addams. Very different in tone from, say, his NEW YORKER work (but still good old blood curdling, yet hilarious, Addams stuff). Got another collection of TRUE `toons called BEST CARTOONS that's like half Virgil Partch, lotta fun. A number of hardboiled themes trickle into even the domestic scenes (most of the guys wear snappy fedoras and sharply tailored suits and the drink of choice appears to be either martinis or whiskey straight up).

Found the book by Watergate plumber, E. Howard Hunt, to be historically interesting, if only for its political connection.

>(Matthew Blood is
>really Brett Halliday.)

I'd guessed that "Blood" was a pseudonym, thanks for supplying the actual name.

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