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In the back pages of this Gold Medal 1952 paperback that I've got, called CARTOON LAFFS (a collection of `toons from the men's mag, TRUE-showcasing the mass-market surrealism of Virgil Partch, amongst others) is a listing of other titles you can order. Some choice entries follow:

113. THE VIOLENT ONES Howard Hunt Red fury drove Paul Cameron to Paris, into a maelstrom of intrigue, violence, and quick death on every side.

139. STOLEN WOMAN Wade Miller Burke's magnetism for women and his appetite for unusual adventure got him into a jam. By the author of DEVIL MAY CARE.

151. DEATH & THE NAKED LADY John Flagg Murder stalks the jaded beauties of the International Set aboard a luxury liner. By the author of THE PERSIAN CAT.

165. EVERYBODY HAD A GUN Richard S. Prather Usually the private eye is trailing someone. This time Shell Scott found that everybody in Los Angeles was on his trail. Including a gorgeous redhead.

166. I CAN'T STOP RUNNING Edward Ronns He had a date with death. He'd missed the appointment in Korea, but here on the Florida Keys there would be no way out.

170. DEATH ON THE FERRIS WHEEL Aylwin Lee Martin From a car high on the ferris wheel he fell-his shirt front scarlet with blood. Three lovely women breathed easier.

196. SO RICH, SO DEAD Gil Brewer It was blood money and its trail was read. Bill snatched it and ran-through hours of terror-when the arms of a woman were as deadly as bullets.

227. THE CREEPING SHADOW Sam Merwin, Jr. There was a firebug loose in the town-a maniac who set fires to satisfy a strange craving. Suspense, terror, and a shocking surprise ending.

235. THE AVENGER Matthew Blood Morgan Wayne walked alone into the heart of gangland. He knew neither fear nor mercy-only that his gun wrote justice.

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