RARA-AVIS: Chinatown, The Two Jakes, and Part Three

Frederick Zackel (fzackel@wcnet.org)
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 11:37:00 -0500

I'm glad someone started a thread on Chinatown. I treated myself this Xmas by buying a new 25th anniversary commorative "widescreen" edition with
"retrospective interviews" and a color postcard(!) Earlier this year I bought the Robert Towne screenplay of Chinatown. And, in some ways, The Two Jakes is a better movie.

Has anybody ever heard whether Towne has completed (published?) the last story of the planned trilogy?

PS While checking out the para*doxa website, I discovered "the mandate of the journal" to be filled with great new threads that rara-avis might want to get into. Some of hairy theoreticals, but the selections do address issues I've seen rara-avians wrestle with. Anybody else notice them?

Check out www.accessone.com/~paradoxa/

Also, does anyone know of any websites that feature the men's "action adventure" stories that popped up at the end of WW II? The type of stories that True or Argosy used to publish?

That whole genre seems to have vanished. Or has it?

Best wishes

Frederick Zackel

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