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Etienne . . .

I'm working hard on my French . . . I may however be a hopeless case. These are great leads. Thank you very much. --- Angela

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>--- "A. Ferraiolo" <>
>> Does anyone on the list know offhand which George
>> Simenon novels became the
>> movies
>> BETTY and MONSIEUR HIRE? Where I could get them?
>> I've been trying to figure
>> it out and I'm
>> sure it's a question someone better read just knows
>> top of mind. Thanks ---
>> Angela
>BETTY comes from the homonym novel: Betty (1961)-
>keeps its title for the English translation
>MONSIEUR HIRE comes from 'Les Fiancailles de M. Hire'
>(1933) translated as: Mr Hire's Engagement
>Simenon is probably one of the most "adapted to film"
>writers of this century.
>As to get the novels: why do you not try
>> Actually, I'm trying to put together a reading list
>> of anything hardboiled
>> that became French Nouvelle
>> Vogue (Truffaut, Chabrol, Goddard, etc). And then
>> another list of novels
>> that became Hitchcock films.
>> Any advice on these two endeavors would be very
>> welcome. Any leads that
>> would open up new areas
>> would (such as Tim Krabbe - THE VANISHING - which
>> has two movie versions)
>> also would be appreciated.
>> Thanks, thanks, thanks --- Angela
>Should you read French (?), then plenty of sources
>about Nouvelle Vague and their "HB/Noir novels to
>film" to help you are existing...
>Archives of R-A contain very recent discussions about
>the topic as well.
>Hitchcock: why do you not try to get one essay about
>his filming. The novels that were sources for the
>films are normally indicated in this type of work...
>Multiple film versions: try Cinema/Video guides such
>as Maltin, Blockbuster..etc
>Hope this is a begining of help.
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