Re: RARA-AVIS: Philip Kerr
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 11:21:03 EST

I've been a Kerr fan since I recut my mystery teeth as an adult. It's been interesting to follow this little strand. Like most who've submitted opinions on Kerr's work I find his series outstanding. The guts it took to write Bernie Gunther and to stay true to character.... I find Kerr's post series work uneven and like many "critics" feel Philisophical Investigations" is by far his most successful work. I really feel that this "noir" outing will stand the test of time. The forensic details and the philosophy 101 clues made this one of my favorite books of the 90s.
"The Grid" was a fun and well researched book. I loved our main character; the smart building. The people did get a bit annoying but the murders? Ingenious ! Both Esau and A Five Year Plan were disappointing in that the plots seemed so pedestrian after Mr. Kerr's previous works. This year's Second Angel which earned Kerr beaucoup Hollywood Bucks was a little better. I enjoyed the
"footnotes" and the futuristic settings. His imagination was apparently back from vacation. The lead characters were a little more hard-boiled.The plot's execution was better too. So I'll be waiting for his next submission and hoping for the perfect book. I know it's somewhere in that mind of his, now he just has to get it on paper. Maybe if he moves away from Hollyweird....... one armed bandit,

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