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_TheDancing Detective_ is the title of a collection of CW stories as well as the title of a woman-dancer-as-bait-to-catch-a-killer story.

Here's the poop:

William Irish, _The Dancing Detective_ Lippincott, 1946; Hutchinson, 1948; Popular Library #309, 1951.

'The Dancing Detective' [1938] (aka 'Dime a Dance')
'Two Fellows in a Furnished Room' [1941] (aka 'He Looked Like Murder')
'The Light in the Window' [1946]
'Silent as the Grave' [1945]
'The Detective's Dilemma' [1940]
'Fur Jacket' [1944] (aka 'What the Well Dressed Corpse Will Wear')
'Leg Man' [1943
'The Fingernail' [1941] (aka 'The Customer's Always Right']

According to Nevins, in his biography of CW, stories 5, 6 and 7 are not so good (he says it's kind to call 'em 'substandard'). 'TDD' was first published in _Black Mask_ as 'DaD' in Feb 1938. Nevins asserts that the title story has been frequently anthologised.


According to Nevins's biography of CW,

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