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> There was a movie a few years ago about a hit man who adopted a young girl
> who's whole family had been wiped out in some kind of drug deal gone
> bad. I can't remember the details now but remember liking the
> movie. The character didn't change his business or his character
> he became a foster father.

Wasn't that "The Professional"? I don't remember the details much, either, but didn't the hit man go after the drug guys who killed the kid's family? That's a bit of a soft spot, righteous anger. Or maybe the drug guys came after him and it was all self-defense.

And Bill, myabe Parker wouldn't give anyone fifty bucks. But he does give some old pros a call when he knows they could use the job. Of course, then they flub up, and there's your story. Most hard-boiled attitude is a shell, anyway. A public face. I'm always interested in the character's worldview--despair? bleak? cold? I'm interested in that idea of being hard-boiled.

Neil Smith

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