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The string trying to sort out the identities, etc of the two Marlowes -- Dan J and Stephen -- tickled something in my head, and after rooting thru some boxes I came up with something that illustrates (as if it needed it) that when trying to ascertain details of an author's life & work, the author himself is perhaps not the best source.

In Mystery Scene #59, Stephen Marlowe contributes a brief memoir titled -- what else? -- Marlowe Memoir. I remember thinking at the time that it was an Innocuous piece and was surprised when the next issue (#60) carried, in the Letters section, a reply by the great Gold Medal editor Knox Berger which can be characterized as (a) annoyed or (b) vitriolic. Take your pick. Berger contradicted Marlowe's memory on nearly every point, and, interestingly, his recollection of those details of Marlowe's life/work struck me as much more convincing than Marlowe's own. It's an interesting exchange, and anyone interested in this thread who also has access to back issues of the mag will probably enjoy it. PB

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