RARA-AVIS: Dan J Marlowe

Etienne Borgers (freeweb@rocketmail.com)
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 01:39:22 -0800 (PST)

 1/ Dan J Marlowe is the HB writer "par excellence"... Merits of his best novels were already discussed here in the past, but not details of his life.

- Marlowe seems to be his real family name
- He wrote some stories under the pseudonym Jaime Sandaval
- he died in 1986 His friendship and tutorial action towards the jailed Nussbaum is a well documented episode of his life.

 2/ As for *Steve* Marlowe, mentioned in some messages, this is another writer who was using Marlowe as pseudonym (homage to RC) for his mysteries writings.

ReaL NAME: Milton Lesser (he used it for his SF works). For HB novels he used also other pseudonyms: Andrew Frazer, Jason Ridgway and C Tames. He was a real prolific writer (more than 50 novels). He is still living, I think (?). It was even said he was, at least once, a ghost for Ellery Queen (as many other writers were).

Hope this helps.

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