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Jim Beaver (
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 10:03:42 -0800

> On the subject of Marlowe, can anyone here offer any pointers to
> secondary reading on Marlowe and LA?
> The kind of idea being pursued is: How crucial is the location (LA) to
> the character of Marlowe? What happens to Marlowe when he's *removed*
> from LA as, for eg, in the film of _The Big Sleep_ that transposes the
> action to Buckinghamshire [or somewhere like that] in the English
> countryside

I recently read Al Clark's "Raymond Chandler in Hollywood" which addresses some of these questions in an overview of Chandler's work as filmed. It's a nicely written book, and I found it much more informative and substantive than I had thought upon first glance.

Jim Beaver

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