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On Sun, 05 Dec 1999 at 22:14 Bob Toomey sent: Re: RARA-AVIS: Dumb Question by a Non-Hard-Boiled Reader

[commenting on James Rogers' earlier post]

>Jim Thompson is mostly an absurdist. The ending of THE GETAWAY -- excised in
>movie versions -- is a masterpiece of absurdist horror, a descent into a
>comic inferno, like something out of Ambrose Bierce. Actually, that ending
>make a very interesting movie in itself. POP. 1280 is an absurd nightmare,
>another descent, this time into madness.

THE KILLER INSIDE ME is, of course, a tale with an eerily lucid first-person narration by a madman, taking this plot device even further. Much as I love Thompson's stuff, the ending to THE GETAWAY always has struck me as an act of desperation slappped together in the face of a looming deadline set by whatever cheap paperback house he was writing for at the time. Desperate but, as you say, a brilliant improvisation.

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