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If we can agree that, broadly speaking, Chandler's PI protagonist, whatever the name (Dalmas, Carmady, whoever) is always Marlowe, then that narrows things down.

AFAIK, the only oddity in the Chandler ouevre is a one-off sci-fi story, called something like 'Brass Door' or 'Bronze Door'.

I made a list of RC stories once (there really aren't that many of
'em--about thirty, I think) I don't have the list handy (maybe it's with that article on Hammett in the Dell map-backs, which I've also misplaced) so I can't check that title for accuracy and a source of its first publication, but I should think that the rara-avis bibliography will be pretty complete.

On the subject of Marlowe, can anyone here offer any pointers to secondary reading on Marlowe and LA? The kind of idea being pursued is: How crucial is the location (LA) to the character of Marlowe? What happens to Marlowe when he's *removed* from LA as, for eg, in the film of _The Big Sleep_ that transposes the action to Buckinghamshire [or somewhere like that] in the English countryside.


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