RARA-AVIS: Re: April Evil

Timothy S. Oliver (CSEM@zianet.com)
Sun, 5 Dec 1999 21:44:00 -0700

Doug Wrote:

> What's the word on John D. MacDonald's "April Evil"? A friend found it in
> thrift store and dropped it off for me. Worth reading or should I just
> with McGee?

I picked up April Evil at a used book sale not long ago. I enjoyed it quite a bit. MacDonald has sturdy HB credentials beyond Travis McGee. Indeed, some might argue that McGee isn't hard boiled enough. April Evil is fun because of the middle class suburban setting: evil below the calm surface of everyday life.

This put me in mind of a topic.

Perhaps many of you, like me, have overlooked some outstanding non-series works by authors whose series we enjoy.

Has anyone else passed on non-Marlowe Chandlers? Non-Mosley Willefords? I won't make this mistake again.

This came to my mind as I read "Guns" by McBain. It hasn't a thing to do with the 87th Precinct. In fact, it is all about New York (yes, he names the city). This is a terrific novel about a small-time crook's fate following a botched liquor store job.

I'd love to hear about off-series gems that I may have missed. Any thoughts?

Tim Oliver

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