RARA-AVIS: Ellroy in Carolina and a couple of finds

Sun, 5 Dec 1999 22:51:30 EST

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<< Author James Ellroy Donates Archives to University of South Carolina >>

I had trouble figuring out why Ellroy's stuff would go here, not to UCLA or USC; maybe Matthew J. Bruccoli at U of South Carolina was behind it.

What's the word on John D. MacDonald's "April Evil"? A friend found it in a thrift store and dropped it off for me. Worth reading or should I just stick with McGee?

I just found a volume called "New Crimes" (new in 1989) edited by Jakubowski.
 It's got stories/quasi-stories by Derek Raymond, Vachss, Crumley, Gifford, two old ones by Goodis and Woolrich, and an interview with Patricia Highsmith. It's worth keeping an eye out for.

Best, Doug

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