Ann Theis (Theisa@co.chesterfield.va.us)
Wed, 01 Dec 1999 14:20:48 -0500

Well, the New York Times Book Review has picked their notable selections
(Dec 5th issue). I don't think it is posted online yet on the Times site. Motherless Brooklyn got a nod along with Garland's The Tesseract. Many of the other usual suspects were on the list - Lehane, Harris, Burke, Paretsky, Grafton, etc. But there were a few "surprises"
(Caunitz, Robinson, Dickenson, for example). I've added the notable information onto the appropriate lists: http://www.overbooked.org/hotfic99.html http://www.overbooked.org/hotmyst991.html and http://www.overbooked.org/hotmyst992.html

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