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>job. Does anyone know if Brown's short stories have been anthologized?
>He has a wonderful ear for dialogue, and his prose is lean and hard.

Other notable novels by Mr. Brown are THE SCREAMING MIMI (which has also been made into a film) and his science fiction tales WHAT MAD UNIVERSE and MARTIANS GO HOME. A collection of his fantasy stories is: HONEYMOON IN HELL.

According to the cover copy of the March, 1952 Bantam Books edition of NIGHT OF THE JABBERWOCK: "Frederic Brown's newspapermen are real as only an ex-proofreader can make them. It was sometime around 1940, while scanning copy for pulp magazines, that Fred decided he could improve on what he was reading. He proceeded to prove the point, having since seen some ten of his books and hundreds of his stories in print."

San Francisco writer, John Marr, has entitled his zine MURDER CAN BE FUN as an homage to his favorite Brown story.

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