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I do not know if some of you are familiar with the work of this author? One of his books got some fame:RALPH, OR WHAT'S EATING THE FOLKS OF FATCHAKULLA COUNTY? (1978)- with rather black humor and an off-beat plot (set in Florida).

Ned Crabb was journalist in both Florida and New York, but I do not know neither if there are other books by this author, nor if he still is writing. Any additional info welcome, as I cannot find anyting more about Ned Crabb. Thanks in advance.

By the way this could help also Claude Mesplede, famous French "archivist" and reviewer who assembled a classic volume about:
"The Authors of Serie Noire", in French only, with a detailed entry for each author that was published there (recently re-edited and updated). More amazing, he finished the publication of a
"resume'" of each of the 2500 books published by Serie Noire [since 1945], in 5 volumes!

He's now finishing a longer job, a kind of World encyclopedia of the mystery novels (this time all mystery genres, and many countries). Authors, history of the mystery novel in several contries, themes listings, brief history of some publishers ...etc. This project will be published around October 2000 and will have 1,500 pages. But it will be only in French, for the time being.

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