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I've heard the rumor, too, and recall that it was Stephen Marlowe (author of the Chester Drumm books), who was pegged as the ghost. I do find The Deep in some way different from the other Spillane books. For instance, I've liked it better than the others I've read, but that's hardly incisive criticism. :-) I'm unsure about Marlowe as the ghost. I've found the Drumm books I've read to be a bit dull. I've only read the later Drumms written for the "spy" market. I did find those amusing from a fish-out-of-water perspective. I mean, what would happen if a hardboiled private eye tried to cross into communist East Germany? Marlowe answers that question!

> : The Spillane book is the one that's been rumored for years to be a
> : ghost job.
> Did the rumours say why? Spillane never struck me as the kind of guy who
> had trouble churning out a book when he needed some folding green.
> Bill
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