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        Bruce: let me assure you that those Fullers are first rate postwar hard boiled.
        Some of his others:
        Pace That Kills
        Brad Dolan's Miami Manhunt
        Brad Dolan's Blonde Cargo
        Tight Squeeze

        Note that Local Talent is a reprint of Goat Island.

        Does anybody know anything about Fuller? And what was it about Florida that generated so many of these excellent writers?

> Some samples of cover copy from a Dell1957 paperback (some water damage,
> still readable) of THE GIRL IN THE FRAME, William Fuller, purchased at a
> San Francisco Friends of the Library paperback sale back in June:
> "The name's DOLAN...I like to eat to live, drink to relax and sleep
> because
> I'm a sackhound. Somehow, though, something always seems to go wrong."
> "As usual, the trouble with Dolan was a dame"
> Also according to the cover copy, Fuller's written two other Brad Dolan
> books, BACK COUNTRY and GOAT ISLAND, by name.
> Bruce T. = btownley@sirius.com

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