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<<The third writer is William Hoffman, who wrote Tidewater Blood. It's about the black-sheep son if a wealthy family who has to prove himself innocent of their murder. A spare, unsettling whodunnit with intriguing and haunting 'country' settings which also serve as thematic and symbolic elements to the story.>>

This is very, very good hardboiled. When you really get down to it, there are more hardboiled writers than one would suspect. Most of them are not promoted as much as their cozy, romance, horror, and sensitive (!) colleagues, but they are there. Admittedly, it can be hard to find out about them, and to find their books. Another reason why this list is important.

Speaking of relatively unknown hardboiled writers, I am about to start reading Max Martinez, after a hell of a busy fall that kept me off the stuff. I'll post some comments when I finish. To get back in the groove, I reread Chester Himes's _All Shot Up_, which was just as wonderful as I remembered it.


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