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Etienne Borgers (
Sat, 27 Nov 1999 22:02:14 -0800 (PST)

I'm a litle short of time these last days, so my answer will be sketchy but on topic.

Being British educated, Chandler is certainly sensitive to class definition and symbols. More interesting, is the feeling he had all along his life to be an expatriate in the USA. Traces of this are found in his Letters, assembled by Frank Mc Shane. I remember even two or three of these wherein he explained he had learned by himself "American english" and a lot of American colloquialism in order to sound real in his writings. There must certainly be more about his expatriate's feelings, and his own comments about it seem an interesting angle to catch part of Chandler personality.

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--- "R.A. Newman" <> wrote:
> I'm a student at Cambridge, in the UK. I'm working
> on a dissertation about
> Chandler and Henry James in which I'm trying to link
> their respective
> attitudes to commodities and aristocracy, with
> reference to their
> experiences of expatration.
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