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Bob Toomey (
Sat, 27 Nov 1999 23:53:44 -0500

> >The use of cliches in a novel is no great sin, but only if they are
> >employed in an uninspiring and boring fashion.

Could you run that one by me again?

Hey, I got a book for you, if you can find a copy: _Let Them Eat Bullets_, by Howard Schoenfeld. Is that a great title? 1954 Gold Medal Book, reprinted a couple of times over the years. My copy is a 1959 third printing. This is Schoenfeld's only novel, as far as I know. He's probably better known for a surreal, much anthologized short story called "Built Up Logically." Very funny. So's _Bullets_. It stars a tough private eye and his twin brother, a staid college professor. Boucher is quoted on the back cover as saying it comes "...complete with gangsters, blackmail, corpses galore and a nympho-sadist with arrested development..." What more could one ask?


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