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>I'm a student at Cambridge, in the UK. I'm working on a dissertation about
>Chandler and Henry James in which I'm trying to link their respective
>attitudes to commodities and aristocracy, with reference to their
>experiences of expatration.
>So far, I've been mainly looking at the way in which both writers deal
>with the base (money, property) and the ideal (romance, chivalry, the
>Does anyone have any ideas I might pursue along these lines? Any help
>would be more than welcome. I think that what I'm after in my work is to
>treat Chandler seriously without being forced to defend his status. I'm
>hoping to put him in a tradition of American writing which doesn't
>diminish his pop. status, but which also holds back from ghettoising (is
>that a word?!) him.
>Ray Newman.
              Matthew J. Bruccoli, better known for his scholarship on F. Scott Fitzgerald, did the introduction to a paperback ediion of Chandler's
_Blue Dahlia_ screenplay. I think it likely that he has also writen other pieces on Chandler. I would give his stuff a look. I have read various lit criticism that dealt with class issues (as oppossed to money) in Chandler. I don't know that I can make the parallel to James's stuff, but it sounds like an interesting topic.


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