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stephen holden (sjholden@hotmail.com)
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 02:59:16 PST

According to some article I read sometime somewhere, the reason for all the loving details of Bond's wardrobe, cuisine, car, and so forth, is that England was still on strict post-WWII rationing when Fleming began writing the books. He deliberately embellished those details, providing vicarious gustatory and sartorial thrills for readers whose lives were pretty dreary.


I think you're right - Elizabeth David's cookery books did well in post-war England for the same reason.

Re Amis' 'Colonel Sun', Fleming's widow was vociferously averse to his writing a Bond book. Apparently she thought Amis would change 007 into
'Lucky Jim Bond', careering through the streets of Wigan with a gun in one hand and fish-n-chips in the other. And she thought he would insinuate all sorts of disgusting socialist proapaganda into the novel.


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