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> Incidentally, I remember seeing "Daddy-O" on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I
>don't recall Dick Contino, or even knowing
>who he was at the time, but there was this one scene where a woman holds an
>apple in her palm and asks, "Want some?"
>(how symbollic!) and a guy knocks it out of her hand. Joel and the robots did
>their own version of it and showed that part
>over and over. My wife and I still use the gag to this day.

If it helps any, Contino's the one who slaps that apple outta the babe's hand. Of course, in the relevant shot all you see is his paw and rather hairy arm. Contino also shows up in another MST3K flick, GIRLS TOWN. It's one of the later ones, where Mike Nelson hosts. Features Mel Torme as a heavy, oddly enough. There's a dragster race in the concrete-lined, more or less dry L.A River where Contino's one of the race drivers.

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