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<< Posh-bird Francine Stock, quondam presenteress of BBC2's Newsnight

asked EB what the difference was between real violence and fictional violence

guess who shouted 'silly cow' at the radio ;-) >>

I'm laughing here. I tape television shows to watch while I work out. Helps the time pass. One show, which probably doesn't show up outside the US is called Beggars and Choosers, developed by NBC's Brandon Tartikoff before he died. It's a sendup on a television network. Anyhow, the episode I watched last night involved a heated debate over the impact of television violence on children. At the end, it broke down into a multi-participant fist fight, which was broadcast just as the debate had been. Cut to two children watching the show with totally blank expressions. After about 30 seconds, one of them picks up a remote and simply turns it off. It was a great moment.


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