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> Re Doug Bassett's question:
> Richard Neely was a thriller writer in the
> early '70s. He got
> at least two Edgar nominations, but I can't
> remember for what
> titles. One was a *Manchurian
> Candidate*-like political
> thriller about a decent guy brainwashed to be
> an assassin; th
> other was a novel about a serial rapist. I
> don't know anything
> about him personally.

This writer published his first novel in 1969. The Edgar nomination I could find back was: A Madness of the Heart- 1977 The latest novel I could spot is: Lies- 1978, this does not mean that he didn't produce after this period (?).

I remember that during the early '70s he was considered as a writer with very dark plots, characters close to neurotic and Femmes Fatales of the most dangerous kind.

Two of his books were adapted to film:
- Les Innocents aux Mains Sales- by Claude Chabrol
(1975), from his book 'The Damned Innocents' (1971)
- Shattered - by Wolfgang Petersen (1990), from his book 'The Plastic Nightmare' (1970)

Hope this helps. I do not have other details about this author, and I red only one of his books (log time ago).

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