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Kevin Burton Smith (kvnsmith@colba.net)
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 08:27:49 -0400

Sorry for the BS BSP, but Martha wrote:

>And (still catching up on digests), in the query about magazines that
>publish hard-boiled fiction, was fellow Falcon Kevin Smith's Thrilling
>Detective web site mentioned?

Well, hey, that's one stand-up dame. Thanks, Martha. Yeah, I publish a couple of stories, when I can, each month on my site, and they all feature private eyes. Not all of them are necessarily hardboiled (not all of them wear suits), but they're all at least hard-edged, I guess you'd call it. And I think we've published some damn good stories over the last year or so.

Hopefully, I'll be printing more fiction soon, now that I've conned
(OOOPS! I meant persuaded) another Rare Bird, Victoria Esposito-Shea, to help out with the fiction editing. Vicky's the real deal. She's a fast reader and a pretty experienced editor (two years on a law journal--one as production editor)and a former writing teacher), reviewed mysteries for a couple years, and I think she has a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn't. And she's just gotta be more tactful than I am.

We publish short stories and sometimes excerpts from upcoming books. Aspiring/perspiring writers looking for a little exposure (we get 2500-3000 visitors a month) are invited to send a query letter first. Details and guidelines are on the site, on the FICTION page.

Kevin Burton Smith The Thrilling Detective Web Site http://www.colba.net/~kvnsmith/thrillingdetective/ IT'S OFFICIAL! November is still Dashiell Hammett Month. Don't play the sap for anyone.

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