Martha Pennigar (msmartha@earthlink.net)
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 08:30:42 -0500

Speaking of Woo and Delon, didn't Delon make an American movie in the 60s called Once A Thief? Or something similar. It was a black and white film with, for that time and place, a somewhat gritty, noirish edge to it, despite the fact that Ann-Margret played his wife.

Speaking of Jim Thompson, as RA so often does, Dominic Stansberry, who wrote The Last Days Of Il Duce, has a book coming out in January. It's called Manifesto For The Dead and is described as a surreal noir featuring Thompson as a character.

And (still catching up on digests), in the query about magazines that publish hard-boiled fiction, was fellow Falcon Kevin Smith's Thrilling Detective web site mentioned?


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