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if it's the same thing us un flic (a flic's story), it's totally impossible to find here any reasonable form. it's another melville work (the last one he did with delon, i believe), and you can get it in the US in a dubbed (and surely slashed) version called dirty me it's worth it only to have SOME version of the film.

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While we're on this subject: I've been working on a movie with David Carradine, and he's been raving about an apparent French film noir with Alain Delon called PAROLE DE FLIC (aka COP'S HONOUR). I told him I'd try to find a copy of it on a viewable video (NTSC, I guess, for the U.S.) But I've not had the luck I thought I would. Does anyone know anything about the film itself or its availability. Or its literary source, for that matter?

Jim Beaver

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