RE: RARA-AVIS: Coup de Torchon etc. and French films

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really? le samourai is probably my favorite film, i think it's as relevant as it was on its release (which, i would argue, wasn't very) another tribute by melville to the american gangster films of the 50s, it's just that in this one the ganger genre has been reduced to a few 'signs': the hat, the coat, the independence. i think its relevance is less the its surroundings than to those 50s films.

another great one is le delous, with jean-paul belmondo.

le cercle rouge is available for rent in transfer versions from hip places like kim's underground in new york. the copy i have is from a russian laser disc. well worth trying to dig it up? <>

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Melville made some great films including Bob Le Flambeur, Le Samurai (which unfortunately has dated badly) and Le Cercle Rouge (never released in this country but a classic gangster film)


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