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>What I have heard about ring around the rosie is that it was that it came
>about during an epidemic of roseola (?) a childhood disease. Children would
>die from it very in the rhyme...when the children was
>because they had died.
>(this was recently re-enacted and explained at a local park here in
>Mass...where I guess the epidemic was quite rampant)

                         I had heard this story also and was quite disappointed to find that it seems to be a myth. "Ring around the rosy"(or roses) doesn't appear in a Mother Goose - or any known anthology - until 1881. Apparantly there isn't any real evidence connecting the rhyme with any plague, but it makes such a good story that I imagine it will go on forever.
                         Am I really discussing Mother Goose on Rara-Avis? Pun unintentional.


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