RARA-AVIS: Wrong Venus

McHale, Steve (SMcHale@filenet.com)
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 07:49:06 -0800

> Hum. I have a book by one Charles Williams, called "The Wrong Venus".
> Haven't read it for ten years, but I don't think it's HB. So would
> that be the right guy?
        It is the same Charles Williams and you are correct in that it is not HB. It is an excellent, book, very witty and screwball. Perhaps one of our more versed posters can tell us how Charles Williams got around to stepping out of his genre. But don't let it discourage you. Charles Williams PBO style will soon become a yardstick by which you measure other writers! The Hot Spot (a.k.a, Hell Hath No Fury) got me started on this HB bender. Too bad it was not made into the best movie in the genre.

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