RARA-AVIS: Mags that publish hardboiled

Wed, 10 Nov 1999 09:36:07 EST

<< Does anyone know any current magazines that publish hardboiled fiction? >>

Apart from those already mentioned (including Hardboiled - which I think was the first mag ever to buy a short story from me, and Blue Murder - an exceptionally writer-friendly e-mag; and Crimewave, which i co-edit, and which is by a very large margin the smartest-looking, most adventurous cri-fi mag in world history), there is also SHOTS, a UK mag - email the editor Mike Stotter for details: <michael@mjstotter.demon.co.uk>. The current issue of Shots is a Chandler special, and contains a short story of mine, of which I am embarrasingly proud, and which I think should appeal to Chandler fans - if only because you will enjoy wincing at the Chandleresque puns scattered through the piece. If I tell you that it includes the line (about a gangster who's in the demolition and construction racket) "Well, rubble is his business", you will understand what a depraved criminal I truly am.
- with abject apologies, Mat Coward

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