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a.n.smith (
Tue, 9 Nov 1999 22:29:11 -0600

> Yet Westlake has been quoted saying that he made a big mistake by writing
> The Jugger because it was totally out of character for Parker to have
> to help Sheer.

Yeah, I read that interview. He also spoke of the moment in Comeback where the partners decide to go back for Parker: "He wouldn't do it for us."
"Yeah, but he expects us to do it for him, and you will." But changing a character over time, a stab at the realistic, can allow for this slight
"mellowing" that allows Parker to still be a hard-ass but recognize that he isn't Iron Man anymore. And married life (without a traitor wife this time) can have that effect, I guess.

All I know is that I like the new books as much as I do the old ones, perhaps a tiny bit more.


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