RARA-AVIS: Man with the Getaway Face - Backflash

Mark Blumenthal (blumenidiot@21stcentury.net)
Tue, 9 Nov 1999 20:05:25 -0600

I reread 'Getaway' right after I read Backflash. It seems Parker is getting softer. We never actually see his relationship with his wife, Lynn, but any relationship he had with a woman since had always was treated as merely convenient. Now he lives in a house because Claire wants to. He even lets her aid him in research.

Near the beginning of 'Getaway' he rejects a job in Florida because "that's where I play.". In other books he mentions he doesn't to do jobs near where he lives when not on a job, yet in Backflash he takes a job in NY where his house is located.(Actually, it's said to be located near where NY and Pennsylvania meet.) He also takes a job proposed to him by somebody he doesn't trust who has his phone number. He always had Joe Sheer or some other intermediary to screen calls before.

As long as we're talking about Parker, has anybody read Gary Disher's Wyatt series set in Australia? Wyatt is clearly Parker downunder. Mark

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