RARA-AVIS: Westlake pseudonyms/Kakonis

Robert A. Vietrogoski (rav7@columbia.edu)
Tue, 9 Nov 1999 18:08:33 -0500 (EST)

Hello Rara-Avians:

Couple things:

Last week re: Westlake, someone mentioned his early pseudonymous sleaze, including his collaborations with Lawrence Block. As a collector of these books, I find that there's no end of misinformation available through Bibliofind etc., book dealer catalogs, and well-meaning web sites. The absolute best bibliographies of Westlake and Block pseudonyms (including the well-known ones) are those assembled by Lynn Munroe. Each of his vintage paperback auction catalogs is loaded with rich information-- the most recent focuses on James Crumley. At the risk of appearing to make a commercial plug (I'm just a satisfied customer), I suggest that if you're looking for bibliographies of Block, Westlake, Harry Whittington, Day Keene, Gil Brewer, David Dodge, Elliott Chaze, and so many others, contact Lynn Munroe (P.O. Box 1736, Orange CA 92856, 714-633-3333). He charges for his lists, but I've found they're worth it. And if you hurry (the auction ends Nov. 20th , you can bid for a copy of Willeford's Sex is a Woman-- the rare UK version of Lust is a Woman, or the other Hammett, Chandler, Cain (Paul and James), Daly, Davis, Nebel, Irish, Thompson, Block, Brewer, Ellroy, Goodis, MacDonald, Rabe, etc. books in this auction alone! (Not to mention the books of such cult figures as Ed Wood Jr., Clyde Allison, and Robert Tralins.)

Re: Tom Kakonis, I have a question. My copy of Michigan Roll is a paperback issued as part of St. Martin's "Mean Streets" series, which also included some Eugene Izzi titles and books by lots of people I'm not familiar with. Does anyone know anything about this "Mean Streets" imprint?

Bob Vietrogoski rav7@columbia.edu

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