RARA-AVIS: Literary Suicide

Tue, 9 Nov 1999 01:08:36 EST

Richard Feaster writes:

<< It's not altogether surprising that he killed himself in this manner since
 he often had characters in his books jumping off of boats (see THE SAILCLOTH
 SHROUD, SCORPION REEF or DEAD CALM). He wrote with great eloquence about
 this, in fact, and seems to have been fascinated with images of bodies
 submerging into the crushing depths of the sea. Pretty intense stuff,
 especially when read with the knowledge of his own suicide. >>

This method of suicide has at least two literary forebearers that I can think of: (1) Hart Crane; (2) Martin Eden (eponymous character, a stuggling then successful writer, in a novel by Jack London).

Doug (now one of three, I think)

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